Reflections on Steve Jobs...

With the untimely death of one of the greatest architects of our century, we are all reflecting on what Steve Jobs did to further technology in all of our lives.  It was his vision to bring the power of computing to our every day existence and he succeeded.  His vision of the future was intuitive and always took us to the next level.

My husband wrote this reflection today and I have yet to see a better tribute to the man that truly changed all our lives:

When you think of people that influence you it is easy to forget the ones who did it indirectly. Steve Jobs' desktop computers were discounted to schools and libraries when it was not a popular idea. My career was decided with an old Apple lle given to me by my Dad that matched the ones I was using at school. I spent hours writing my own games and learning every inch of that computer. I even had my first paid gig for $5 from classmates to fix their broken projects in computer class. I am the first generation who cannot function in a home or an office without a computer. My Apple IIe turned into 3 Macbooks, 2 iMac, 5 iPods, an iPad, airport, Apple TV and fileserver. All of these produced by the same company. I watch my children do schoolwork, watch movies, chat and explore the internet on software created by his engineers. This was Steve Jobs' vision and amazing legacy created by someone who only lived to be 57.

                                                                                     --- Josh Rule

An added note:  Steve Jobs was the first big business to give Homeschooling families the same discount as the public schools.  As second generation homeschoolers, that always meant a lot to us.  

May God Bless and Keep You in His Grace,
Lynne....and Josh