Patons Stretch Sock Yarn Lace Socks

I tried a new yarn for this simple pair of Lace Socks.  I had been anxious to try Patons Stretch Sock yarn thinking the fact it was so stretchy would be fun...I was wrong.  While I think they are going to make a great pair of socks, knitting with the yarn was uncomfortable for me.

I started off with these socks using a Magic Loop method which used to be my method of choice but it didn't take me long to figure out, I needed to switch back to my double pointed needles.  Even with the change back to the less cumbersome, at least for me, Double Pointed needles, it didn't make knitting with this yarn any more pleasing.

It is hard to describe.  It feels a little like those tiny rope-like elastic strands you would use in the top of a sock or a baby item.  Every time you advanced a stitch and had to feed the yard it would tend to stretch and not flow over the fingers or the needle very well.  Let's just say, I was glad to get to the end of these socks, although, the socks themselves turned out nicely.

If you were in need a lot of stretch to your socks and don't mind exercising a little more patience as you work with this yarn, it would be a good choice.  The color as nice and the stitches all held their shape nicely even in the open lace pattern I chose.  These are for you niece so they were worth every little bit of effort but next time, I think, she'll be getting wool...

Yarn:  Patons Stretch Socks
Super Fine, 1 weight
Gauge: 4"= 28 sts x 36 rows, US3, 3.25mm
Content:  41% Cotton, 39% Wool, 13% Nylon, 7% Elastic
Ball:  1.75oz, 50g, 239 yards/218 m
Color:  31415 Sugar