Christmas Hiatus...

I have long been absent and I apologize for my neglect in writing.  As the cold weather approaches, often my pain increases and find myself flaring and unable to do more than the 'absolutely necessary'.   Add to that the very full scheduled that always surrounds the Holiday's and my time becomes very limited.

One of the activities that is commandeering almost every waking hour is one that every dedicated knitter will understand...knitting for Christmas.  The countdown is upon us.  Only 14 more knitting days until Posting time for Christmas, if you use Priority mail, that is.  So, I pick-up my knitting needles when I wake and they stay ever glued to my hands throughout day: during meals, on the light rail, in the subways, in waiting rooms, at church, and even falling asleep mid-stitch.  

It all started with the glorious event of the trip to the yarn store.  I got started a bit late so this was a race for me from the beginning.  I am one of the blessed people that live within traveling distance to Purl Soho, a treat for anyone who loves fiber.  However, being as I was flaring, trying to traverse the slate sidewalks and cross the never-ending lanes of moving traffic as people come out of the Holland Tunnel was not going to be possible.  I could order on-line, of course, but then you can't feel the fiber, hold it in your hand or see the brilliant colors which makes buying yarn all that much more of a pleasure.  Trying to find that perfect yarn for your loved one to make that perfect gift is a treasured experience and is to be savored so it's something a knitter likes to do in person.
'Patricia's Yarn'

'Patricia's Yarn'

'Patricia's Yarn'

'Patricia's Yarn'

'Patricia's Yarn'

After searching a little harder, I found 'Patricia's Yarn' in the historic city of Hoboken, only three light rail stops away from our home.  My husband was kind enough to take me to the store, help me in with our little ramp which comes in handy for small steps and landed me in the middle of a yarn paradise.  I wanted everything in the store, of course, but ended up with three very nice worsted weight yarns by Lorna's in a lovely variegated pattern which will be perfect for house socks.  I also wanted to take home three hanks of Baby Alpaca for me but as I started to the counter with the addition to my stash, I remember, I had already purchased some Baby Alpaca I had yet to use so I left it with the intent of returning for it in the future.  As any knitter knows, finding a new yarn store that is close and is full of beautiful yarn all waiting to be knitted into your next special creation is a Christmas present in and of itself.

Lynne on Washington Street in Hoboken.

So, my Christmas knitting began.  Even taking the time to write this blog is keeping me from starting my next slouchy sock so I must resist the desire to tell you all about finding the best Cuban restaurant we've ever eaten at or the walk home on the boardwalk in the rain or the miniature Christmas tree we bought for Samuel to decorate on the way home.  I guess that will have to wait for another time.

What I do have time for is to give you a link to sometime special for you to listen to if the pressures of the season, or just life becomes too much.  Often times, the Holiday's can bring out a time of distress whether it be with family, finances or life in general.  It can be difficult to muster joy when you are losing hope in a difficult economy.  Our family has struggled this year with all the medical bills, trying to get our house ready to rent and the loss of business through this economic downturn and sometimes, trusting God can be challenging.  Recently our pastor gave a message on Hope.  It was one of the most uplifting messages I have ever heard on Hope.  We have to grab on to Hope and let despair go, even when circumstances would draw us aways from the Hope we all find in Christ.

My Christmas present to all you in cyberspace is this message, to remember, Hope is in Christ and He is there, waiting on you!

Message on Hope
Click on the message - The Curse - Hope - November 11/26/11 - It was part of a series on Blessings and Cursings.

May God Bless and Keep You in His Grace,

P.S. - I'll be back after the New Year with stories of Christmas, pictures of our Christmas Knitting 'after' they have been received by their intended loved one, and Hope for the New Year!