Felted Needle Care Kit

Needle Care Kit

My sister knits with wood needles so I made a little Needle Care Kit. It consisted of:
Felted Bag 
225 Sand Paper cut into hearts (for small splinters on needles) 
Pure Beeswax Discs (to polish needles) 
Polishing cloths in cut into heart shapes
The Bag:
I used the magic loop method. 
Use 2 strands of yarn to give bag some bulk.
CO 36 stitches. 
Knit 6 rows 
Row 7: K2tog, Yo, K1 
Knit for desired length of bag. 
Close using 3 Needle Bind-Off.
Crochet a single crochet chain using 2 strands of yarn for desired length.
Felt bag using very warm water in a mixing bowl with a few drops of liquid dish detergent. Work with your hands or a wooden spoon until the bag is felted to your satisfaction.
Dry flat on a towel or blocking pad.
This was a fun gift!
Project info

Felted Needle Care Kit

My own design - felted.

    Needle and yarn

    US 9 - 5.5 mm

    1 skeins = 182.0 yards (166.4m)

    Orchid Mix 4434m