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If you chat long enough to any knitter the topic of needle organization will eventually rise to the top of the conversation.  We all fight with the long and unyielding straights, the DPNs that seem to multiply like bunnies and the unruly cables of the circulars.  It's part of the price we pay to be a fully enabled knitter but I found a small way to organize my double pointers.

Part of my Christmas was a ticket to the Marketplace at Vogue Live! Knitting convention in NYC.  It was such fun and I had the joy of having my husband accompany me and actually enjoy it.  Well, maybe I'm taking a little bit of a liberty when I say he enjoyed it but being the good and kind man he is, he fully involved himself in my hobby and made the day so very enjoyable.  When we came upon the 'Seabury Organizers' booth, I found the answer to at least part of my needle woes.  They had an ingenious Spiral system that would neatly keep my needles secure while still giving me completely access and a cool little display.  My husband was kind enough to purchase this system for me along with a matching small project bag.

I had to take a moment to share with everything this very cool organization system.  They also have a way to use the system to organize your DMC thread and it would work great for make-up brushes, pens, earrings, the list goes on and on.  It was such a cool idea and the designers were such wonderful people, I had to put a little blurb on my blog to show off their product.

Please take the time to take a quick look at their site and plan for future gifts, or yourself...

Seabury Organizers

I will be putting a blog soon with all the pictures of Vogue Live! but until then...keep on Knitting!!!

Seabury Organizer Spiral and Project Bag
Seabury Organizer Spiral and Project Bag

Many Blessings,