Josh's Birthday Scarf and Hat...

This year for Josh's birthday I decided to knit him something special.  Actually, I decided on four items, a scarf, a hat, a neck-tie and socks.  Since the neck-tie and socks are being made out of a light fingering weight yarn, they are going to take a while to complete so I put my efforts in completing the scarf and hat set for his actual birthday.

Josh picked out the yarn himself when he took me to Vogue Knitting Live!  After looking through every booth of yarn, he decided on a Robin Turner Gourmet Yarns in Llama and Silk.  It is a buttery soft yarn that slides easily on the needles and creates well define stitches.  I enjoyed working with this yarn very much and would like to use it for another project.  I especially like the slight sheen it gives when knitted up.

The Finished Product!

Project info

Josh's Birthday Scarf and Hat

Lauren Scarf by Lion Brand Yarn
Needle and yarn

US 9 - 5.5 mm

22 Brown


19 Black

Bubble Scarf pattern from Lion Brand.
It knits up quickly and is an easy pattern to follow. Being as it is knitted length-wise, it might be easier to place scraps of yarn to separate the pattern repeat if you have difficulty following patterns over 200+ stitches.
I used a Llama and Silk yarn mix which made for a buttery soft scarf with a slight sheen and well defined stitches.
Circular Needles 9/5.5mm @ 40” long.
The Hat…
The hat was an invention of mine for the most part. I used the pattern on the scarf to add accent rows to match the scarf as well as additional patterns in rows to add interest.