Knitting Sample Sock by Magic Loop Method Tutorial

By Lynne Ray-Rule

Below is a tutorial on how to knit a sock using the Magic Loop Method.  This is a small mini-sock that could be used as an ornemant or decoration.  Knitting your first sock in mini form is a good way to get started so you can become familiar with the procedure.  It doesn't matter whether you are knitting a mini sock for a key chain or knitting a gigantic Christmas Stocking, you knit the same parts on each sock. 

The picture below has the anatomy of the sock listed clearly so you are able to follow where you are knitting on your sock with the picture.

Have Fun!!!

Measurements:     Cuff to Sole - 3.5" Toe to Heel - 4.25"
Yarn:     1oz/25 grams of Light Worsted or Worsted Weight - 3 or 4
Needle:     US 1 / 2.5mm - 40" circular needle
Gauge:     Approximately 4 sts per inch and 7 rows per inch
(This is the only time I will say this case, the gauge isn't particularly important since the sock will be for decoration so no size is needed.)

*Casting-On and joining...
___ Cast-On 25 stitches (Only 24 are needed but we use one to anchor the join and make it more secure.)
Cast-On Stitches

___ Move the stitches to the middle of the cable and divide them so 13 stitches are on the side with the
short tail and 12 stitches are on the side with the working yarn strand.
Pull Cable Through Stitches.

___ Pull the cable through the divided stitches and move each set of stitches to the end of the needles.
Push Stitches onto Needles

___ Join the two sides by moving the last stitch on the front needle with the working yarn strand to the back needle (the side with the 13 stitches). Using another needle or anything with a tapered end helps moving the stitch over.
Moving 1st St to Back Needle

___ On the back needle where you just moved the last stitch with the working yarn...Knit the first two stitches together using both the working yarn strand and the yarn tail. This secures the join tightly.
Moving 1st St to Back Needle
Knit 'Moved' St and 1st St of Back Needle Together.

___ Move the stitch you just made back over to the front needle. This will now give you 12 stitches on both the front and back needles.
Move Joined Sts over to Front Needle giving 12 Sts on Front and Back Needle.

*Now we are ready to begin knitting...

___ Knit 1, Purl 1 - for 6 rows. This is called a Ribbing.
       R1: ___ R2: ___ R3: ___ R4: ___ R5: ___ R6: ___

Knitted Cuff.

___ Knit for 12 rows. Knitting every row in a the round is called a Stockinette Stitch.
       R1: ___ R2: ___ R3: ___ R4: ___   R5: ___    R6: ___
       R7: ___ R8: ___ R9: ___ R10: ___ R11: ___  R12: ___

*Heel Flap...
*Begin to work the heel flap on the 12 stitches on the front needle. Work these stitches in the Stockinette Stitch in rows which is back and forth, knitting the right side rows and purling the wrong side rows.
*The heel flap will be worked back and forth instead of in the round.
*Leave the 12 stitches on the back needle, the Instep, to be picked-up later.

___ R1:   Sl 1, Purl to end.
___ R2:   Sl 1, Knit to end.
___ R3:   Sl 1, Purl to end.
___ R4:   Sl 1, Knit to end.
___ R5:   Sl 1, Purl to end.
___ R6:   Sl 1, Knit to end.
___ R7:   Sl 1, Purl to end.

Heel Flap and Turned Heel with PM at Center.

*Turn Heel...
This is when we do what is called 'Turning the Heel', knitting it so it will cup around the heel.

___ R1:   Knit 8 sts, SKP (Sl 1, K1, psso), turn - (2 sts remaining)
___ R2:   Sl 1, Purl 4, P2tog, turn - (2 sts remaining)
___ R3:   Sl 1, Knit 4, SKP, turn - (1 st remaining)
___ R4:   Sl 1, Purl 4, P2tog, turn - (1 sts remaining)
___ R5:   Sl 1, Knit 4, SKP, turn - (0 sts remaining)
___ R6:   Sl 1, Purl 4, P2tog, turn - (0 sts remaining)

You should have a total of 6 heel stitches on the needle after turning the heel.
Knitting into Slipped Sts to Pick-Up Flap Sts.

*Shape the Gusset...
___    Knit 3 stitches, Place Marker (PM), Knit 3 more heel stitches.
___    Slide heel stitches down onto the cable so the needle is free.
___    Pick-up 6 stitches along the first side of the heel flap.  Make sure you pick-up stitches using the slipped stitches along the side.
___    Place marker.
___    Slide flap stitches along with PM down the cable needles to the heel stitches leaving the working needle free again.
Knitted Heel and Pick-Up Left Side Flap Stitches.

___    Knit across the 12 instep stitches.  Place marker and slide onto cable leaving working needle free again
___    Pick-up 6 stitches along the second side of the heel flap the same way as the first making sure you pick-up stitches using the slipped stitches along the side.
All Stitches Picked-Up.

___    Knit 3 of the heel stitches, to the PM and remove the heel PM.
Cable pulled through Instep Stitches.

___    Find the center of the 12 Instep stitches and pull the cable through leaving 12 on each side. Continue to pull cable so you have:
                                                        3 heel sts on each side, 6 heel flaps sts & 6 Instep sts.
*Foundation Round: Knit 1 round all the way around.
Make sure you knit into the back of the loop of the stitches you picked up on the flaps so it will turn the  
stitch in the correct direction.

*Back Needle: Knit 3 heel stitches normally, Knit 6 flap stitches in the back loop, Knit 6 instep stitches
*Front Needle: Knit 6 instep stitches normally, Knit 6 flap stitches in the back loop, Knit 3 heel stitches normally.
This is only for this one foundation row, after this, knit all stitches normally.
Knitting into Back Loop of Picked-Up Stitches.

*   R1: Knit 1 even round.
*   R2: Knit to 3 sts before PM, K2tog, K1, slip PM, Knit 6 instep sts ...
     Knit 6 instep sts, slip PM, K1, SSK, Knit to end
              (Alternate these two rounds until there are 12 stitches on both needles.)

R1: ___ R2: ___
R1: ___ R2: ___
R1: ___ R2: ___
Set-up for Foot - Side View.

* When measuring the foot you would normally take the measurement of the person's foot you are knitting the socks for and subtract the given measurement of the toe. This would give you the measurement of the length of the foot you need to knit before starting the toe decrease.
* The heel of the sock will be the beginning of the round. You can place a pin on the heel to remind if you.

___ Knit 6 rounds.
       R1: ___ R2: ___ R3: ___ R4: ___ R5: ___ R6: _

* Back Needle:
   Knit to last 3 sts before PM, K2tog, K1 Slide PM, K1, SSK, Knit to end
   Front Needle:
   Knit to 3 sts before PM, K2tog, K1 Slide PM, K1, SSK, Knit to end
* Knit even round.
              (Alternate two rounds until 8 stitches remain.)
     R1: ___ R1: ___ R1: ___ R1: ___
     R2: ___ R2: ___ R2: ___ R2: ___
After Toe Reduction - Ready for Closure.

Yarn Pulled Through remaining Stitches.

*Cut off yarn 6” from sock, pull through remaining stitches and weave ends in.

(SSK – slip 1 sts as if to knit, slip the next sts as if to knit onto the right needle, put the left needle through the front of both sts and knit on the right handle needle.)

Magic Loop Sock Tutorial Kit!