Chinook Scarf by Ali Green

I am busy preparing for the inaugural meeting of the GTT Knitting Circle this weekend.  A room full of excited knitters...this is going to be so much fun!  The menu has been set, we have spent the month preparing many of the ladies' projects (and our son's) and now, we are just anxiously waiting for the day.

I was assisting one of our new knitters in selecting her first project but made a small mistake of just clicking on the easy patterns and using those instead of really detailing out the pattern first.  As it would be, the pattern that was chosen was a little more challenging that I would normally use for someone new to the world of knitting but I think the young lady will manage well.  I did decide, since it had some interesting stitch combinations, I would go through the pattern first to make sure I could be an effective help.  Once I started working through the pattern, I found it was really fun.  The pattern emerges right away so you see progress quickly which is always good for the new knitter.  Since I love detailed patterns with lots of yarn overs, increases, decreases and an occasional slip stitch i-cord edging, this pattern has been fun for me and yet surprisingly simple.  Bravo Ms. Green!

Chinook Scarf in progress using Muskat Greyish Green Yarn.

The Chinook Scarf is knitted in two sections each using one ball of Drops Cotton Viscose (my favorite yarn of all time), however, I am knitting my test scarf in Drops Muskat since that is what I had on hand.  It will make a stiffer scarf but that's okay, I'm sure it will come in handy this summer.

Lace is always disappointing as it is being knitted.  It clings together and appears to be nothing more than a tangled mess of loosely structured stitches but once it is blocked, a miracle occurs and you end up with this beautiful creation that makes it worth all the effort.  I'm looking forward to seeing the end result and posting it for you all to see!!!

Knit on...

Finally done....

Finished Chinook Scarf.  It was a fun knit and makes a lovely gift.