GTT Kids Gang

Never in the wildest of my imaginations would I dream that I would be spending hours hunched over my laptop filming a virtual world my son and all his gamer friends built for the upcoming Passion Week project for our church...

Samantha and Qurann sang an amazing song last year, it stayed in
my head for months.  I can remember it being 3 months afterward, doing
my hair in the bathroom humming their song...even right now, I can
hum through the song a year later!!!  Good Job, Guys!!!

Each year our GTT Kid's leader, Kelly Goddard, a truly amazing Kid's Pastor, has the children create a project showcasing the talents and passion that God gave them.  We have Qurann who is a fabulous singer, rapper and a budding star, Kristian who has 'preacher' running through his veins and others who are dancers, singers, artist, all with spectacular gifts God has given them.  Some of the kids are holding a Basketball game for missions to use their special gift as athletes to further the work.  What a fabulous idea!  The ideas are limitless and inspiring to each of us adults who sometimes need to be reminded we need to find ways to use 'our' gifts for the Lord.   It is a pleasure for everyone to see each of our children develop their talents for the Lord's use.

Samuel at his 'command center'.

Sam had tried giving an oration during the last missions trip which he really wasn't thrilled with having to do in front of a large group of people.  At this point in Sam's life, he can be a clown and an extrovert but not usually around strangers...he's a behind the scenes kind of man.  So, this year our family started thinking in advanced as to how Sam could use his talents.  Benjamin, our eldest son, put some 'deep thought' into this issue and came up with the perfect suggestion.  Sam needed to create the Passion Week of Christ in Minecraft, a virtual gaming world, the 21st Century's answer for Legos.  It was the perfect suggestion.  Sam is both creative, has a talent with computers and the fact it used his love of gaming didn't hurt.

Samuel enjoying working on school outside.

...And then, the work began...  Our family started with a storyboard clear back in January, going through the Passion Week of Christ with Sam choosing specific scenes that highlighted the week.  Josh, being the artist in the family, began sketching out the progression of the scenes out on paper while Sam and his gamer friends from the UK, Andrew and Louis, began the clearing and preparation of the actual world.  First came the clearing of a large enough area to accommodate the walls of Jerusalem, then a hill called Golgotha and a Garden called Gethsemane, as time went on, a road to the sea, a warf, boats, a palace, the temple, the upper room and ultimately, the cross, the tomb and the ascension.  The minutes flowed into hours, and the hours flowed into days and the days into weeks and a few months later, we are completing the filming of these young boys epic.

Samuel Gaming a little...

The beautiful part of this story is not just the story of a group of young boy's talents but instead it is the message of our Christ's death and resurrection taken across the pond to the homes of two young men who will forever remember creating this story in MineCraft and one day remembering there is a Saviour who cares enough to die for them.  Isn't that what Passion Week should really be all about?

Sam calls them the 'Delta Crew'.  It's his group of friends and
family that have been building 'BibleCraft'.  This picture
depicts them in their gaming Avatars. 

As we finish the filming of the project, I find myself in tears more often than not.  The lego(ish) figure that represents Christ ministering to the wandering villagers as he walks in on Palm Sunday clear to this little blocky figure hanging on the cross, his resurrection and ascension...and my heart is pricked.  It's a story I've heard from the cradle and it never gets old but something even more special happens when I see these young people consumed in this story and knowing that no one who hears it can come away unchanged.  It causes me to remember, God has His own special ways of touching the life of everyone.

Samuel gaming with his cousins...

May God Bless and Keep You in His Grace,