Returning to the Foundation of our Faith...

Victoria, Ben and Sam at the Pond.

What do you do when your prayers seem so hollow and faith seems to escape your grasp?  When things you used to know are so far from being truth in your present circumstance, you are lost in a sea of denial and doubt regarding the truths that used to guide your life?  When the clouds of the storm loom so heavy, sunshine can't seem to burn through so once again, you can make contact with the 'Son'?
Lynne with Emma and Harriet.

Not to get too deep on this beautiful early fall evening in the September.  But, questions must be asked and answers must be heard.  The great dilemma being the answers are different for each of us.  I think with maturity you begin to realize everyone has their own personal trials, their own battlefields and their own path to victory.  
Sam with is favorite chicken, Mary.

For those of you who don't know, Josh and I were 'plain' for a season of our lives.  Modern day 'Luddites', as it were,  which seemed all the more peculiar when you consider we supported the lack of technology in our lives with an IT Consulting business.  I believe one calls that irony…  We chose that lifestyle from desperation and circumstances which bled into our faith.  I would have never seen it at the time but it was the storm that hit the summer of our lives that caused us to loose faith, yet all the while, acquiring more and more of the superficial kind.  Sometimes going too far the right way can swing you around to a loss of faith, and, for us, that is what happened.
Josh and Ben washing Mirabelle with Sam in the background for support.

Coming back from the abyss is no easy task, especially when you are toting around some unusually heavy burdens of life.  It has taken us a few years to weed through the deeply conservative tenants that used to rule our lives.  It took stepping back and realizing, we were not happy.  There was still a freedom in God that was somehow outside our grasp but adding more rules and regulations was not the way to find the place we so desired in Christ.  As we moved slowly through the processes of working through the ideas that were placed in us as children and lining up our faith with the Word of God only, we began to walk in a new path, not an old one.  A new light began to dawn and we began to see God loved us instead of a God looking for each little wrong in our life.  Does that mean he is not a God of judgment, of course not, but sometimes we have a tendency to believe God is waiting for us to fail instead of encouraging us to to win.  It is from this place in our life that we began to grow.
All done with the plain life, Victoria Sam and Ben out and about in the city.

Lynne and Josh enjoying an evening together.

Today, we are Luddites by conviction rather than practice.  Modern day hippies, of sorts.  Our family is eclectic in our philosophies of life and still marches to the beat of our own drum.  We live a green and organic lifestyle, shunning modern medicine and clinging to Holistic and Naturopathic healing.  Our cupboards are full organic vegetables and our refrigerator bursting with organic meats and cheeses.  Our children grab hold of life and experience as much as they can, enjoying other cultures and the way others live, ever expanding their horizons so they will learn to be companionate to everyone.  We are also finally free in Christ.  Free to live our lives as He truly intended and not by religious rhetoric.  I guess you could sum it by going back to that old hymn…"Our Faith has found it's resting place…"
Lynne in the Gas Light Park in Tribeca.