And, Christmas Gave Way to the New Year...And, New Hope...

And so, Christmas time was upon us.  Where did this year escape???  These Holiday's were very important to me after six years of being bedridden.  This was the first year I could truly enjoy the Holiday time and be part of the preparations and celebration.   I sat on Amazon gathering Christmas at the best cost possible, I was able to wrap presents and organized our traditions.  I felt apart of Christmas once again.  I even managed to surprise Josh just a little, a feat I have never accomplished in all our married life.  Seeing his eyes light was worth it all.

Our Christmas Wall, carefully decorated with Sam's Nutcracker Collection, the Hand Knitted Christmas Stockings for each of us and our two furry ones and the Digital Fireplace on the TV that played Christmas Music.
Sissy with her new tablet for School and her new Earrings from brother Samuel.
Victoria's Hand Knit Christmas Stocking from Mama.
This one was 2 years in the making but Mama finally completed for this year.
Benjamin and Samuel by the Giant Nutcracker at Stew Leonard's.
We had fun during our traditional Family Christmas Food Shopping. 
It is what you do when you have a house full of Chefs and
discount quality Seafood.
Benjamin's Handmade Knit Christmas Stocking from Mama.  Ben chose a
simpler design but large enough to accommodate lots of goodies.  This
Christmas Stocking stretches and stretches...
Samuel's Handmade Christmas Nutcracker Stocking from Mama.
It is still in need of a little embellishment but it is a great start.
Mama made it in a little more 'manly' colors so he can still use it when he's 64...

My Precious Husband was surprised I remembered his love of Isaac Asimov when he
opened his  Collector's Bound Christmas Gift of 'The Foundation Trilogy'.

The first Christmas Stocking I made was for Josh.  I loved using the drastically
different gauge yarn to give it a 3 dimensional look.  This Stocking is huge!  Not just
long but very fat looking.  I love the look of this Stocking
My husband surprised me with the beautiful maroon scarf.  I loved it so much
I wore it with my nightgowns for the next few days.  It was exactly what
I would have picked out if given the opportunity.  After all these years,
my husband truly does know my taste and once again, I am blessed with a
loving and kind man who knows me well.

My Christmas Stocking is a hand-me-down stocking from Samuel. 
I allowed each of the children to choose their own Christmas Stocking for me
to knit and originally, this had been Sam's choice.  However, in a few years,
Sam decided he wanted a Nutcracker to go with his Christmas Collection so
Mama when about making him a new stocking and I took over his old one.
Somehow, it  makes this Stocking all that more special to me.
Our Family Tree.  Through the years we have collected a variety
of very special ornament.  Our color theme is usually brown with
our theme being country.  However, there are special ornaments like
Josh's Duckies, my Knitting Basket, Ben's Coffee Cup, Victoria's
Victoria Glass and Sam's xBox Controller.  Each one
represents a little of who we are.   
Our Taddington with a toy from his Aunt Chrissy and Aunt Jewel.
He retrieved this toy from the postage box as we opened it.  Somehow, he knew
his Aunties sent him this toy and he was going to grab it while he could.
Our Sebbie became a puppy again when he opened his Hide-A-Squirrel. 
It is a riot to see our 130 pound Bernese Mountain Dog roll around on his back like
a puppy while squeaking away on his play squirrels. 
It was a Merry Christmas for our big boy!
Christmas Morning Stocking Delight!
The New Year dawned as our family was enjoying just being together and watching the ball drop in New York on our TV.  We talked about how blessed we were in 2012 and how we were all believing I would begin to walk again in 2013.  Everyone talked about their goals and what they were looking forward to accomplishing.  I was just grateful.  Grateful I was alive to see 2013 and to watch our children grow and grateful that the kiss I received the moment our world slid into 2013 was from the love of my life, Josh.  I have so much to be grateful for and I have God to thank for giving myself and my family such joy and peace as we begin yet another year.