Organic Crockpot Chili

Comfort food on any given night but especially in the winter.

Josh loves to put on a pot of chili for the weekend and his chili is the best!!!  I haven't been able to have it for years since, due to health reasons, I have gone vegan but I still enjoy smelling it cooking.  Add some cornbread to complete the meal and you have a fabulous family feast.

We do stress, if you are going to eat meat, please consider the extra cost for organic meat.  For those who say it doesn't make a difference, take it from those of us who used to raise their own meat, it does and is well worth the extra cost.  Chili is a great way of making a pound or two of organic hamburger stretch for the entire family.

Ingredients –
                  2 lbs of Organic Ground beef
                  4-5 cups of Organic Salsa
                  2 Organic Onions Red/Yellow
                  2 TBs of Organic Chili Powder
                  7oz Organic Tomato Paste
                  2 Cups Organic Cooked Pinto Beans
                  2 TBs of Olive Oil or Butter to Saute the Onions

                  Garnish –
                  Corn Chips, Cheddar Cheese

This is a simple recipe and takes on a few minutes.  Great to throw on before you leave the house and everyone can eat on it all day.
Steps –
1.     Rough Chop the Onions.
2.     Sauté the Onions with the Olive Oil in a large   
3.    Add the Ground Beef to the skillet.
4.    While the Ground Beef is cooking add the Salsa, 
           Tomato Paste, and Chili Powder into the Crockpot
           and set the Crockpot to Medium heat.
5.     Once the Ground Beef is fully cooked (165F), add all
            contents of skillet to the Crockpot.
6.     Mix the Crockpot with a Spoon.  (It’s the OCD in
7.     Add the Pinto Beans

To finish sooner put the Crockpot on high and stir frequently.  Completely cooks in about 20 minutes.   If not just leave the Crockpot on medium, cover and it will be ready anytime.
Add Corn Chips and Cheese as a garnish or enjoy as is.