The Nutcracker Stocking...

Project Info

Pattern:   Knitted Christmas Stockings by Ann Norling
Needle:   US 7 - 4.5mm
Yarn:      Garnstudio DROPS Andes
                  2 skeins = 218 yards
                  Black - 8903
                  PLUS - various yarn for colorwork as well as the toe and heel.


   Since our son has collected Nutcrackers for many years, he decided he wanted a Nutcracker on his Christmas Stocking so Mama took to her needles and his Christmas morning goodies were nestled into this very sharp stocking.

   I chose to use a heavier weight yarn and smaller needles to get the heavier look.  I also went for more manly colors so that in the future, as a man, Sam could keep and use this Christmas Stocking and remember his youth, and prayerfully, his mother.

   For the colorwork, I used whatever I could find in my stash as well as little bits of leftovers.  It all knitted up nicely and gave the work texture.  Although, to keep the Nutcracker straight, I chose to not decrease on the leg until the last few rows before working the heel.  Otherwise, the tapering of the legs seemed to tilt the Nutcracker slightly.  I couldn't take the uneven look of a tilted Nutcracker.  I still need to some embellishing like buttons, etc but all in all, it turned out nicely.  I imagine I will get to the embellishing next Christmas to get me in the Holiday spirit.

   This is a very long stocking but as far as our son was concerned, it gave him more room for Christmas morning goodies.  

   This wasn't the easiest pattern in teh world to follow so I wouldn't suggest it for a beginner.  You need a little experience to navigate the pattern and some of the more detailed instructions but it is well worth the effort to anyone who would like to add a Nutcracker to their collection of stockings.  They also have other Christmas characters to choose from when purchasing this pattern so you have a few choices in working the pattern or you can make them all!