Salon C International - Naples, Florida

   I am afraid I have to jump on-board and write a stellar review.  This was a great salon and needs to be reviewed so others can find them.

  First off, I am in a wheel chair so it is a challenge to get me around in a salon and cut my hair.  The entire staff was helpful and did whatever they could to make me comfortable so I had an enjoyable experience. They also use a filtered water system so my allergies to chlorine wasn't an issue as well as they provide organic options for hair products.  All positives!

  I came in with a botched hair cut I needed fixed.  The original hairdresser was very nice but apparently precision short cuts weren't her field of expertise and I needed help!  Since I have trouble holding my arms up to fix my hair, it is very important my hair just lay in the right direction so I don't have to do much but blow dry it and leave it.  This isn't easy, especially since I have sick cowlicks.  

  When I went in for my appointment, I didn't have a lot of hope because my hair was already short and there wasn't a lot to work with but Jasmine came through.  She was amazing!  She was able to shape my hair so it always just lays correctly and takes very little effort on my part to make look nice.  It stays nice for days and is super easy to style if I feel up to making it look special.

  I highly recommend Salon C International!  You will not be disappointed at the service and the experience of the staff.

So, Here is the finally result...
(I'm not at my best, 3 days in a truck, please be forgiving...)
It has a nice shape and lays  perfectly. 
Now you have to realize, I styled it 3 days ago and had
been on a road trip, sleeping  in the truck and hotels without 
doing anything more than  running my fingers 
through and fluffing it up.

You can say a lot about a hair style but nothing tells the story
better than hair that is presentable after a 3 day truck ride!