Wintersweet Scarf...

This is the most interesting knit for a hooded scarf.  You knit the hood portion first and then you begin knitting the 2-colorway edging.  

You knit the edging from tip to tip, allowing it to split in the middle where the hood will go.  The edging is knitted in one solid pice.  After the edging is knitted, the hood is then sewn in the split in the center of the solid piece of edging.

This is probably not a pattern for the beginner but for the more advanced knitter, this is a fun and interesting pattern!

Being as it is a hooded scarf, it is also really warm on those cold winter days while you are walking through the city.  And, because you lift it on and off your head, it doesn't mess your hair up like a solid cowl tends to do.

I chose to use Drops Andes Yarn in the Black and Grey to match my coat and other accessories.
This was a perfect accessory and keeps the wind off my neck and ears while walking.
I again used KnitPicks Harmony Needles
in US 6 / 4.0 mm