Spinzilla 2015 - End of Day 2...from a Disabled Spinner's Prospective


   Today was challenging.  While everyone is no doubt starting to feel the burn of 2 full days of spinning, if you are using a traditional wheel, that is, for those of us with limited movement, arthritis or other join and leg issues, we are feeling 2 days of spinning in different ways.  It is not more than others, or worse, just very different.

CVM Romeldale - Spun Woolen - Point of Contact
   I had several issues today.  It started with my shoes.  Both of my feet are in a drop-footed position.  So, while it looks like I am wearing my hiker boots normally, my feet are actually wedged in the shoe and my heels are nowhere near the bottom of the shoe.  There is a generous gap between the heel of the shoe and my heel ranging from about 1/2" in my right shoe to 2"+ in my left.  We have to use the lacing on the boot to tighten it around the ankles the best we can to keep the boots on my feet.  I need to wear the shoes to keep the swelling down in my feet and keep positive pressure on the nerves but when I spin, I found it causes rubbing issues and creates sore spots that wouldn't be so prevalent if my shoes were on correctly.

   Mid-way through the day we realized the rubbing on my feet was so extreme it had caused some concerning pressure spots.  We ended up removing my shoes and I had to start spinning barefoot.  It is difficult for me spin barefoot since my toes tend to slide off the treadles.  I have ordered some treadle covers from Hare and There Studio off Etsy, but they haven't arrived yet.  Another issue in spinning without shoes for me is due to my left foot drawing in and leaving my akled jetted out in a prone position.  The pressure on the ankle is always a concern since too much pressure could cause breakage or disrupt the tiny bones that are out of  normal position.

   I didn't want to stop so my precious daughter rubbed down my legs and feet with Arnica and took care of the rubbed stops.  My husband, who is always vigilant regarding my health, insisted I lay down a bit to let my legs rest.  After a long 2 hour nap, I got up and began to spin again, without shoes.  By the end of the plying, I was nearly in tears.  The thigh on my left leg, which is my worst leg, was burning and my toes were feeling the strain from having to push the treadles even though my Spinwork wheel is so easy to treadle, you could probably push it with a feather.  Okay, that is probably an exaggeration but it truly is very easy to treadle.

   In the end, even though I had a more difficult day, I had spun a final of 220 yards of singles giving me 330 yards including the Plying Credit for Spinzilla.  I used a very nice CMV Romeldale Roving from Marushka Farms.  It was spun to a 0-weight, Woolen - using Point of Contact for a nice 2-ply yarn.  I am happy to say, it was my most consistent yarns to date and had was balanced in the end.  So, despite today's challenges, and despite my disappointing yardage numbers, I did produce a nicely spun yarn and achieved my goal of balance and consistency.

   When you are disabled, even every day activities can be challenging.  Often times we have to get creative and be inventive to do the simplest tasks but we find a way.  It becomes second nature.  I think one of the most disappointing issues is when you can't keep up.  I want to spin the mile of yarn and be there for my team but my desire is writing checks my body might not be able to cash.  (If you are a Millennial, a check is a piece of paper you write on with your bank's information and give to someone in place of cash...just in case you've never seen one.)  I know it will be challenging for my body to achieve my goals.  The old saying "The Spirit is Willing, but the Flesh is Weak,' applies to my life far more times than I would like to admit. But, I will try.

CVM - Romeldale, Spun Woolen - Point of Contact, 2-ply, 0-weight 

   That is what we all have to do, after all, is try.  Whether we are disabled or abled bodied, we all face challenges daily and we either get inventive and find a way to rise to the challenge or we slowly die inside.  Being productive and achieving our goals is what most of us strive for daily but we must never forget, even if we do not meet our goals as quickly as we would like, the fact we try, the fact we get inventive and takes baby steps to get there, is a great achievement all on its own.  It is from that attitude that great ideas and projects are born!

--Serenity in Fiber,  Lynne

CVM - Romeldale, Spun Woolen - Point of Contact, 2-ply, 0-weight