Spinzilla 2015 - End of Day 3...from a Disabled Spinner's Prospective!

   Today was a brighter day for me!  I was able to spin, not only for Spinzilla but also for my Master Spinning course so I completed two tasks in one.  One of my most important goals for spinning in Spinzilla was to work on my consistency and balance, both of which I have been struggling with in my spinning.  I was hoping that simply spinning without the pressure of having to do it perfectly for grading would help me to find that place of balance and, after day 3, I can say, I think it is working.  

Llanwenog, fresh off the hills of Wales and shipped to my living room!  It was so fresh the lanolin was like butter!
It spun up beautifully In The Grease and somehow was able to help heal the tenderness of my fingertips!
   All of my yarn seems to be far better balanced.  Coming off the bobbin it has a slight twist but with a quick soak in hot water and hanging it to dry, with no weighting, it is laying as a nice open circle.  I have been struggling over twist but I think the intense spinning during Spinzilla is helping me to find that balance and consistency.

   Day 2 was a hard day on me physically but today I was able to work past my pain and spin.  I have to admit to waking a bit slowly but after my daily cancer treatment, and giving myself a little time for my legs to rest, I was able to go back to the spinning wheel.  After last night, I wasn't sure I was going to be able to continue on the wheel today.  I didn't get as much spun as I would have liked, about 90 plied yards, 270 yards counting towards Spinzilla as it was a 2 ply-yarn, but my goal today was just to spin any way I could.  I am happy to have made my goal and a very pretty Llanwenog yarn I will turn in to for grading.

   Tomorrow I am excited to start a Christmas project of bright jeweled colors.  I can't wait to dig into that one!!!

--Serenity in Fiber,  Lynne

Llanwengo, 2-ply, Worsted, short forward draw, 0-Fingering Weight yarn.  90 plied yards.
Z-Spun Singles and S-Plied,