Spinzilla 2015 - End of Day 6...from a Disabled Spinner's Prospective!

Spinzilla - Day 6
Today had to be a 'down day'.  I tried but didn't get very far in spinning.  I got a few yards but my legs topped working.  I think I found my limit.  I usually find a way to work past them, 'If there is a will, there is a way', but today I had to concede I could go no further.

Jeri Brock Turkish Spindle
Merino Top with Sparklefire
   Tomorrow is the last day of Spinzilla.  I was hoping to make my mile but with today down, it is less likely.  Maybe next year I will have an electric spinner and be able to spin more yarn.  My endurance capabilities didn't match my goals.  After this week I do see the importance of not insisting on forcing my body to do things it just can't do.  I am continuing to save for an Electric Spinner for Healing Fibers.  I want other disabled people to experience the joy of spinning even when moving their legs is difficult or impossible.  I see better the importance of using tools to fulfill your dreams instead of taking the Luddite approach and insisting on doing everything the traditional way.  I missed 8 years of spinning because I was determined to spin using a traditional wheel.  If I had been willing to spin using an electric spinner, I could have had years of enjoyment.  It is something to ponder.  

   Using tools to help us isn't a sign of weakness.  When you loose the ability to walk, or find yourself dealing with some other disability, it is hard to accept limitations.  I don't mean to give up striving to get better, working on your therapy or finding creative work-arounds but sometimes we have to accept the help that is available to us, for me, that will be a HansenCraft MiniSpinner.

--Serenity in Fiber,  Lynne