Spinzilla 2015 - End of Day 7,..from a Disabled Spinner's Prospective!

Yak/Silk Blend with Sparklefire as an accent.  
   Today was the end of Spinzilla 2015.  I have on my bobbin the last of the fiber I can count.  It is over, I have completed my first Spinzilla.  I have a goal to participate in Spinzilla every year that I spin so even though I knew it was a little green to tackle such a big project, I wanted to at least try.

   I have not computed my yardage yet but I know I have fallen far short of my mile goal.  There are many reasons I did not achieve my goal: as I mentioned, I am a new spinner without the speed that comes with experience, I am disabled so my legs were not always as cooperative as I would have liked and I lacked stamina.  I can see now I might have overshot my goal without consideration of the ability of my legs which is hard to admit since I would like to think I could keep up with anyone.  An electric spinner would have made far easier work of at least part of the week, but alas, I am still saving.  Maybe next year....

   So, I leave Spinzilla week with mixed feelings.  I was able to spin a more consistent yarn than ever before.  I believe I have a better handle on achieving a balanced yarn, although I think my hand is still a bit stiff.  I have a better overall feeling about my spinning.  Oh, I have a long ways to go before I would even begin to consider myself a marginal spinner, but, this week did what I truly wanted, it got me over the hump of spinning.  Just spinning without having to worry over the technical aspect made me a better spinner and somehow, in the process, the technical part seemed to come in line and I produced a far superior yarn to the previous attempts.

   Spinning is all about the technique and consistency, as well as producing the right yarn each and every time.  Those are skills that only come with time.  I know I am a slow starter but I was a slow typist at first too.  I was so bad, my teacher made me type all my test papers backward in hopes I would improve but it was from that forced concentration and repetition that I began to type over 100 words a minute consistently, topping 120 on a very good day.  I still type in the 80s, even with my nerve issues but it didn't start that way.

   I guess the lesson is to never give up, even when you fail over and over.  I have experienced a lot of failures in my life, some were my fault, some were not, but regardless, you have to deal with the emotional outcome.  So many times I just wanted to crawl in bed and pull my covers over my head and say I couldn't go on.  It was too hard.  Just too much on me emotionally and physically.  I just wanted to ignore everything and pretend it wasn't happening.  But, that is not how we improve.  It is not how we achieve more.  It is not how we overcome.  So, I get up, get dressed and tackle the problem head-on, regardless of the obstacles.

   I get overwhelmed when I tackle large projects or situations.  My 'fright and run' instinct kicks in with a vengeance and like so many others, I freeze,  but will power takes over and I start piecing out what needs to be done, one simple task at a time.  Before I know it, I have a handle on my demon and can see the end in sight.  This may seem overly dramatic for spinning, and I agree, but spinning has been a metaphor for my life.  Each boulder that blocks my path gives me an opportunity to overcome.  In Spinning vernacular... each dirty, stained, un-skirted, badly seconded fleece that arrives at my doorstep can be resurrected with enough time, effort and care.  Sometimes I wish my path was a little clearer but that doesn't seem to be the way of life.  We all face boulders in our path.  It is how we handle them that makes up who we are and how much we can accomplish in life, regardless of our circumstances.

Serenity in Fiber,  Lynne

Yak/Silk Blend on my SpinWorks wheel.