Seven Years and Counting....

Moments before surgery.... 12/31/2009
   Today is a special day for me.  It was seven years ago that I was ushered into an operating room having kissed my children and clung to my husband, not knowing the uncertain future that lay beyond the doors before me.  I had not been given much hope by any doctor that saw me, and there were dozens, but I had a family that was praying and a husband that never believed anything but life for me.  

   Today I remember and am so grateful.  I see my children and am so grateful.  I lay in bed while my husband works at his desk and I listen to his voice, the same voice that gave me comfort throughout those very dark years, and I am grateful.  I live!  My faith, the faith of my family.  It all makes me grateful!  I look at life differently than before I got sick.  I appreciate more, I try to be more understanding, I try to sympathize and empathize with each and every person I meet.  And, my family, well, there are no words.  They never lost hope and I am here because of that hope. 

First time sitting up ....1/1/2010
   Through Josh remembering my knitting and encouraging me to pick-up the needles again, Fiber has played a huge role in my coming along as far as I have.  The movement used in knitting has kept my hands and upper body moving so they didn't begin to stiffen as did my legs .  The process of working with the Fiber helped me to redirect my mind from the constant pain and channel it into making something useful.  In this midst of all of this, I was able to create socks and hats and scarves and dishtowels...I was able to be productive again.  I know that may seem so small to many people but if you have ever lost the ability to live your daily life, to be productive, or to care for your family, making a simple scarf or pair of socks can mean so much, both to you, and the people you love. 

Waiting to dress to go home.....1/3/2010

   Today I celebrate Life!!!  Every day since that dreadful day in 2010 when I was wheeled into that operating room, on New Years, our celebration includes more than the new year, it includes life!  I celebrate being able to watch my children grow and every night I celebrate crawling into my husband's arms.  New Years is a new start for everyone, we wipe the slate clean and then start again, it is a beautiful metaphor of the metamorphs we can all experience each year, but for me, and for my family, there is an added bit of joy.  

   Our family sends everyone the Best of New Year's Wishes!!! We hope you find joy, peace and prosperity in the coming year....oh, and a little time for Fiber too!!!

Happy New Year!!!
Serenity in Fiber throughout the New Year!!!